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SVT and Migraines

Does anyone know if there is a relation between SVT and migraines?
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I am not sure.  I have had migraines for years and have just been diagnosed with SVT.  My SVT is more frightening than my migraine headaches at the moment.
Why do you ask? Does your SVT start when you have a migraine.
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I also have SVT and migraines.  I am scheduled to have an ablation on Thursday.  I notice that my SVT attacks often occur during a migraine headache.  
have you ever got an answer from a doctor confirming that your migraines are linked to your st?i was just recently diagnosed with svt an have been havin bad migraines to the point where im so weak etc from them
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What is SVT
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I have SVT. I had an ablation last march and just started having problems again this week. Not as bad as before but Ive been getting very sharp chest pains and very dizzy. I have aslo started getting horrible headaches. I never had the headaches this bad before. I wonder if they have anything to do with each other? I am worried I have to go back for another ablation:(
Hope your ablation went well.. after my diagnosis with svt I’ve started gettin my migraines more severe I think it’s related to the svt. When I see my doc next in askin about it. Are yours related?
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I have SVT also and was put on Toprol. I weened myself off and cut out caffiene because my attacks were caffiene induced. About a month after weening myself off Toprol I've started to get migraines and daily headaches. I'm wondering also if they are related and since have started taking my Toprol again to see if it would help. I go back to the doctor in Feb and am hoping he has some answers. I'm sick of having a headache everyday and feeling like crap.
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Check for a pfo or asd
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