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Stents and Bypass

I was told by my cardiologist last week I can have no more stents placed.  I am not a candidate for bypass because of the extent of my blockages. I was given no options.  What do I do to keep from  another heart attack?
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I recently heard the same news regarding my heart, additional stents are not possible.  This news came after I learned that my bypass graphs of two years ago failed, and an extensive attempt to open a new blockage in my RCA failed as well.  I have had lots of stents inserted over the past 14 years.
As Ed suggests, you might get a second opinion.  My Cardiologist had my history and disks of the stenting attempt sent to two teaching hospitals and his diagnosis was confirmed.  
Did your doctor prescribe aggressive drug therapy?  Also, I'm encouraged to continue to control my diabetes and exercise as skydnsr suggests to reduce inflammation.  I'd also suggest you weigh yourself every day first thing in the morning and if you see more than a two pound weight gain, that is a danger for Congestive Heart Failure, or blockage forming.  
I'd ask your Cardiologist when your blood is tested next to order a BNP test for CHF.  It will be very useful to determine if your heart is enlarging, and will also provide a baseline number to compare if your symptoms worsen.  
A recent weight gain and a big increase in my BNP numbers showed my CHF has worsened, and led to a prescription change that helped a lot.  I hope you keep us informed with your situation
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And all of the lifestyle changes that ed34 mentions will tend to reduce systemic inflammation.  
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You basically have two options. First is to spend time finding the cardiologist you can, the one with the most experience. Second is to make lifestyle changes. Of course, both can be done at the same time. Lifestyle changes include no smoking, not too much alcohol, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, avoiding processed sugars and carbs that are packed with sugar, avoid emotional stress as much as possible which is helped by creating a new view of the world around you.
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You could probably get a lot of different answers, depending on who you asked.  If it were me in your situation, I believe I would focus on reducing systemic inflammation by way of diet.  Good luck.
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