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born without a sternum

my nephew will be borned without a sternum.  I've done research on this type of pregnacy , and found 1 successful miracle child which is babynaseem.  I really scared for my sister who is 19 years old ,anyone/doctor have any suggestions?

the ob/gyn stated that his health is really good just a concern about his chest not developing and closing properly.

any help.
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I was born without a sternum and I am happy and healthy at 37 years old.
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My friend devon was born with out a sternum and he is 17 and perfectly fine(: im sure everything will be ok
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Blueyez and Svonstein;

  Curiosity has me... as kids what did you do to keep the chest from doing any damage?  What did you do differently from "normal" kids?  Could you tell us a bit more about this?
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I was born without my sternum as well. Now I am 37 years old and began feeling a click in my chest about 5 months ago. ( sounds like when your jaw cracks, but in your chest) It happens when I cough, sometimes when I swallow and when I move heavy objects. I recently had a first meeting with a thoracic surgeon and he said I should have had surgery to support my chest when I was 2-3 years old. I'm sure back then "they" didnt know that! Any way life was normal and carefree until 5 months ago.
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Ok I'm curious too now. How are the ribs joined at the front of the chest? Are they fixed together by surgery?
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child born without manubrium sternum joint, can any on help? please...
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