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chest discomfort

I has a stent put in 1year ago. All of asudden  my heart rate increased 108 to 112 resting. Had a nuclear stree test done results are normal. Doctor had already increased my Cardizem Cd to 360 in Am <180 at night.  Heart rate was good for 2days ,around 80 . Yesterday I flt like my chest was going to explode. Took Maltha and 2 nitro, pain went away..
Many times a day I fel a chest discomfort that lasts for seconds,sometimes it feels like someone blew a bubble in my chest. Doctor feels all test are okay I could be feeling the racing in my heart. I"m decafinated and can't take beta blockers because of a history of asthma. Haven't used inhalers in years.  Any ideas.. I'm afraid of an Aneursym
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I developed artery spasms (Prinzmetal Angina) after my first stent.  They tried me on Cardizem but it made my chest pains worse, And since it was the long acting type I was miserable for 12 hours.  Norvasc works much better for me.  It takes some effort to find the right meds and dose. I have also added magnesium to my  daily med regement.  Talk to your doctor about these chest pains and suggest an alternative to the Cardizem.  Take care, Ally
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The calcium channel blocker you are taking has one side effect which does strike me "fast pounding heart rate". Perhaps your Doctor will try lowering the dosage rather than raising it ?
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