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heart attack

I had jaw pain while walking and playing with my son in the pool a few times. The pain brings me to the ground all I can do is lay there until it pass. I also have a hard time breathing short of breath. Is this considered a heart attack? If not then what is it?  My father died on the table during bypass at 70 my one brother died at 46 and my other brother at 33. My oldest son has had 12 heart surgery's. I am 57  5-8  298lbs I have been told I had two mild strokes the last one I that I might have had left my left side of my face without felling for few days. I really want to know if I had a heart attack or not. What was that called my jaw pain?  Thank you for your time            
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Basically, the drill ,is to stop walking and call 911. No if's but's or maybe's. Jaw pain and pain down the left arm and shortness of breath  is indeed a hallmark of cardiac ischemia, but not always. You are grossly overweight, and that issue should be addressed. The term "heart attack" is meaningless.  In any event changes in the EKG are transient and you must be evaluated while you have the pain or shortly thereafter. They will do a blood test for what are called cardiac enzymes, which will show if there is heart damage.
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It really is probable that it is heart related. If it is, leave it to the doctors to decide whether is was a heart attack or a strong warning that you are close to it.
Do not wait until another such episode happens. Go to your doctor and get it checked asap.
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Sorry to the bearer of this info...if you were experiencing such chest pain and discomfort due to cardiac cause (unless there was a distinct cardiovascular cause) you would not have time to write this with any comfort.

Your best bet is to visit the ER!

Never, ever, wait for a response from a question board--if you don't feel well always call for an ambulance.  Best wishes!
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yes these can be signs of an impending or current heart attack. Next time  would go to the emergency room where they can do labs and EKG. Cardiac enzymes from a heart attack do not show up till  48-72 hrs after a heart attack so they will need to redo the labs then. Many times heart attacks and strokes are caused from the same thing (clots. poor blood vessel elasticity, poor oxygenation
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