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muscle twitches where my heart is, what is that?

Sometimes I get this weird fluttering like feels like muscle twitching exacly where the heart is, it doesnt last to long mostly 10 seconds, but the thing is my i can feel my heartbeat when im getting the twitches to and my heartbeat feels normal. Anyone get this?
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It sounds like it could be PVC's (Pre Ventricular Contractions). I started getting them about a month ago. It's an extra or early heartbeat. The PVC's in themselves are harmless but if you're getting any other symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath you should get things checked out. I notice that I get more PVC's when I'm stressed or had too much caffeine. You can ask to get an EKG stress test done. It should show up on that. I got tested and my heart looks fine. Most people live just fine with this. Hope any of this helps!
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I have been getting this weird fluttery/vibrating/spasmy thing in my chest for a while now.  I have seen 4 cardios for other reasons and no one has been overly concerned with my description of this weirdness.  It seems to mainly happen at night, I'll wake up and it will be happening.  On a good day I can talk myself down from the anxiety it causes but there are days when I'm really scared when it happens.  I, like you, seem to always have a normal pulse (carotid) when this is happening.  

I remember one of the docs saying that you can't feel your heart vibrate because there is too much "stuff" for it to go through.  I don't know how true that is because it FEELS like my heart because it's in that area.  I know there is other stuff there too but it's been happening for a while and seems to be getting more and more frequent.

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Yep.  It's a creepy little sensation, the muscles in my chest just above my heart will tense and tick.  My heart rhythm, however, remains normal.  Typically I get these when I've been particularly tense or working a lot with my arms (even excessive typing, like doing reports for my classes can trigger the muscle twitches).  In my case, it has nothing to do with my heart.  You sound similar.
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I've had feelings of twitching in my stomach muscles - I couldn't really tell if they were palps or not, but the last time it happened I checked my pulse and it was regular so I knew it was just muscle twitches.  It feels really weird!
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So I finally decided to google this effect, and it seems like you fellows are having very similiar issues. Pretty scary waking up in the middle of the night and thinking you might be having a heart attack or something. Same case here. Twitching muscles, regular pulse. Doesn't hurt, or tingle or anything like that. Just twitch. So I guess my clear question would be, should I be worried? How do I reduce such an effect? Its making it tough to sleep, and otherwise just getting on my nerves. I work out regularly, which includes a lot of pushups. I also drink a glass of coffee in the morning (pretty big but not crazy) and then water for the rest of the day. (ps. does it ever feel like you are troubleshooting a computer or a car when you post on this kind of stuff?
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Sounds like benign fasciculations. I get them all over.
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Mine are exacerbated by lack of sleep, dehydration and they go crazy the day after drinking alcohol. I'd imagine that caffeine would have an affect too. I can twitch in several different places some days. It comes and goes.  I've also heard that muscle fatigue can bring them on, like people often get them in their arms after lifting weights. I know loads of people who twitch. Most people get twiches in their eye lid occasionaly but you can get them anywhere you've got a muscle.
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If you're worried though you should ask your doctor as we're not qualified to diagnose you.  Wish there was an edit button on this forum.
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Your system is very acidic if your are getting these muscle twitches.  
Not enough oxygen is getting through your system which causes the muscle to twitch.  Changing diet and increasing aerobic exercise will help to eliviate these symptoms.  Get  a book on alkaline diets.  Almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables are great. Smoking, coffee, meat and dairy, alcohol and gluten create acidodis
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i experience exactly the same twitching...my heart rate is normal, but sometimes the twitching lasts for forintervals within an hour and is frightening, so i take cordarone and the twitching stops...
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Your description is EACTLY what I get. I'm 63 but it only started a few months ago. My heartbeat is normal when it happens. My resting beat is 48.  I do heavy weights four days a week including 60 second anaerobic "windsprints" on the stationary bike  and my heartbeat recovery rate is over 30 which is excellent. My diet is Paleo [ hunter gatherer].  I have no other symptoms although I was diagnosed with a mildly tortuous aorta a year ago. It's a little scary but in a way it kind of feels good like any muscle twitch.  
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Yeah I get the twitching on my heart at night too. it makes my bed shake like crazy because I sleep on my stomach, but now I get the twitching all over my body. I freaked out about als at first but im thinking now that its an allergic reaction to a medication, not sure. Do you all get them? Please let me know, I can't sleep right now because of them. Thanks
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I get the same thing every now and then it's annoying and scary I am 16 so it totally freaks me out but I also get muscle twitched all over the place at random times and I just need all of this to stop it *****! I have had a holter monitor and EKG and both said my heart is fine!! Ugh I just want them to leave!
I'm 17 and I've had this exact feeling and the same scenario with being told everything is okay after having the Holter monitor and EKGs. I also have periods of rapid heartbeats far beyond what they should be and it feels horrible. Lightheaded and tight chest are some symptoms I get. Sometimes leaning or stretching triggers this issue. Doctors are taking forever to get back with me and I'm waiting to find out whether I can play football for senior year. I do want to figure out what this twitching really is though.
Quit coffee and tea, you will be fine in 10 days
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I always wake up mid sleep because my heart feels like it's bouncing out of my chest. It flutters & races. I'm on this site because just now I had a new episode & im in tears, nervous about it. I was just woken up-thought I was having a heart attack. My heart was fluttering so intense & i lost control of my upper bodh mainly my left arm. My arm looked like it was seziuring. I ran to get my heart monitor-have to wear for 1 month but dr said don't have to wear it at night. Never was able  to record the 20 seconds spasam. I'm 22 help, dr thinks my heart is ok....i know none of this is normal.
Stop taking tea and coffe, just quit them, you will be fine with 15 days in-sha-Allah
You really should wear that monitor all the time and only take it off during showers.
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Don't worry. It's a spasm from an overworked or lightly damaged muscle in your chest. I am a 26 year old body builder and constantly get them. You will be fine. Just ride it out and don't let it cause anxiety(don't think about it being heart related) ice will help as well. Also go to your doctor to inquire about Gerd/reflux. You may also be experiencing esophageal spasms, which are not dangerous but feels very much like heart attack symptoms. Good luck, everyone. Remember DO NOT panic. That will only make it worse.
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I am also having the twitch around my heart area, although it will sometimes last for hours ,having anxiety is making matters worse,should I go to ER or can I take a muscle relaxer?
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