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scarring on left ventricle/ very confused

I'm a 24 year old female. When I was 21 I passed out a few times after having heart palpitations/breathlessness and other symptoms. Long story short I got sent to a heart specialist. after lots of tests, they said I had a scar on my lower left ventricle. Then, they called me back after they already made an appointment to put an internal heart monitor (the recorder right under the skin) and said that they got info back from some of the other tests and its only on the external part of my heart and I'm going to be fine.
   My question is now I started taking way better care of myself and noticed a lot of symptoms getting better over the years. but now, I suddenly one day I couldn't stand up without my heart beat stopping and making me almost black out, my chest/jaw/neck hurt for hours and I've had many palpitations and have gotten out of breath from doing nothing. (standing up, or walking slowly). I made an appointment with a doctor next week (in a different state now so a completely different doctor)

Should I tell the doctor about my previous experiences, and scans or just explain my current situation? I don't know what to think about the specialists previous diagnosis of completely fine, and I don't what it to change how closely my doctor looks at my situation, especially since I am so young.
What should I let the doctor know, and what the heck is going on with my heart??
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Absolutely yes. It is all too often that a patient doesn't reveal past information which can be a fantastic clue as to what is happening. They said the scar is just the outside of the heart and not all the way through, but I'm curious as to the cause of this?
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They said its from a past heart attack possibly. They said it was over 8 weeks old because my blood work didn't come back with any heart pieces. I had a lot of trauma happen mentally and physically. so, although I'm young, it wouldn't be surprising if I did. I spent 3 days in the ICU when I was 17 from an overdoes (not cocaine they always asked me that) and I went through abusive relationship, than lived alone with my baby year old for 2 years where I worked 60 hour weeks and slept probably 2 to 6 hours every night (or day I worked overnight shifts too) and was under terrible stress and ate horrible. This is when all the heart problems started.

I'm worried I may have had another one, because when all of the symptoms came on suddenly again I felt like I had the flu.+chestpain+short of breath+I couldn't sleep the whole night which never happens to me even if I'm uncomfortable.  So I guess we will see :S
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didn't reply right. ^see above
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The best thing you can do is have an echo, which will see if your heart has all the normal dimensions.
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