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woke up chest hurting, heart beating slow - felt like i was choked

okay, so a couple nights ago I was asleep, and was asleep on my back. I have been having sleep apnea that i'm not treated for recently. I bring this up because it might have something to do with it. I also have both of the Pfizer vaccine shots. I bring that up cause I just read that it's causing myocarditis in some young adults. I'm 42, so i'm not a young adult, but I want to give as much info as possible.

I was having a nightmare, I dreamed I was with my fiancés grandma and sitting on the couch playing with her dog, there was a open window and a long curtain.. the dog fell out of the window and I heard a splash. I instantly knew it was freezing outside and it could die. So I run outside and the whole ground is covered in 3 inches of ice. I'm on my hands and knees sliding down toward the water and I can't stop. Right before I go into the water is when I wake up.

when I wake up my chest is hurting, it felt like my heart was pounding like when your scared.. you know how you can feel it thump.. and I had that feeling of extreme fright.. but it was barely beating. felt like 2 seconds between beats. I also felt a pressure on my throat like someone had been choking me. My head was laying in such a position I think it was putting pressure on my neck, and since it's already hard to breath when on my back.. only when alseep, or falling asleep.. i'm not sure if I was dying from lack of oxygen, or what.. but it honestly felt like I almost died. It went away after 45 seconds or so of being awake.

Just curious what you guys think. Could this be a heart issue? I will also mention that i'm on testosterone replacement therapy. It has caused my last couple of blood work to show very high levels of my blood.

my RBC was 5.99
Hemoglobin 19.6
hematocrit 54.6
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Sounds like a fight of flight response but I'm not s doctor so you should run it past your family practitioner to be safe.
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