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Chest Pain / Palpitations - GP and Hospital think it's just anxiety?

Hi guys,

Basically for he last month or two I've been getting heart palpitations and various other different symptoms such as a fast resting heart rate, and even sometimes a slower than normal resting heart rate.

Recently, I've been under a huge amount of anxiety and stress with literally one thing after another going wrong in life.

It all started with the palpitations, which then reduced in frequency for a while before I started getting them again, mainly at night. I'd also get a lot of indigestion/heartburn as well and a feeling of panic.

Again, after a while this died down before then coming back again. This time I get random sharp pains in my chest which I also feel in my left arm. I get tingling in my left hand and sometimes a decrease in sensation. This happens regardless of whether I'm stressed or not.

I also get easily tired sometimes and out of breath, however this doesn't always happen.

Yesterday I needed up in the hospital for 6 hours having this investigated.

I had an ECG, blood tests and a chest x-ray - all of which came back completely normal and I was told this may be muscular pain and not heart-related.

I've had my heart looked at from all angles including with an ultrasound after seeing a cardiologist sever years ago, and all was ok then as well.

If it helps, I'm 23 years of age, male, standing around 5.5 feet tall and I am slightly overweight weighing around 12.5 stones.

I suffer with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Aspergers Syndrome, and at the moment I'm not on any medications.

If anyone can advise I would be really appreciative!
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