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2 week Holter

What types of conditions would this be able to spot? It was 3 leafds constant monitoring for 2 weeks.

My palpitations recently increased in frequency from 2-3 a month to 2-10 per day which is what triggered me to go in and get checked (full work up and diagnosed as benign when I first got them 12 years ago).

When I first got the monitor on I felt way more than usual and noted them in the book.

I meet with my family dr next week to discuss results.

Would the cardio lab have contacted me sooner if the events recorded were life threatening? I Havnt heard anything and turned in monitor 3 days ago.
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Cardiolab will call right away if they see something life threatening. In terms of accuracy it records everything.

Test accuracy will be limited only by the skill of the lab and diligence of the physician.
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Yes, the lab would have contacted you immediately if they saw something that was potentially dangerous.  After a cardiac event, my lab called back, and demanded a manual recording to ensure I was in normal rhythm.  They are contracted to monitor you, and so are consequently responsible for your well-being.
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