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I'm writing this in the hopes it may help someone. I've had the same curse that many of you who come to this forum have. PVC's and th...
Can frequent pvcs cause high blood pressure? My blood pressure is usually normal, but right now I am having a horrible 3 day bout of eve...
I've had PVCs for about 10 years now, and yes, just like lots of other sufferers I had a couple of trips to the ER and a series of tests ...
Hey guys, I don't normally post on sites, but I've had pvc's for about 8 years now. They were pretty bad to the point to where I would f...
I have pvc's, have had them all my life I think, starting when I was about 12. (I am 54) A few months ago I was driving home from a long ...
I was diagnosed with intermediate uveitis related to sarcoid and scans showed granulomas in the lungs in 2016. The diagnosis was sarcoid...
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