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During the time I wore a 24-hour holter monitor, I averaged 175 ventricular ectopics or PVC's per hour with a peak on two occasions of 40...
Hi everyone, sorry This is going to be a long post because I want to explain it as thoroughly as possible I am 31 year old male normal...
I have been told I have PACs and PVCs although infrequent, (less than 20 a day) I feel every single one and they cause me a great deal of...
Hi, I have an ILR. The monthly reports shows the presenting rhythm and histogram. I have shown two months below. Can anyone explain why ...
Hello everyone, I have an implanted loop recorder to monitor my heart that was originally placed back in 2018 for dizzy spells. I suffer ...
A close friend of mine had a EKG done when he was in his mid-teens, after the test was done he discovered that there was a bruise where o...
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