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Hey, all. I'm a relatively young and healthy guy who has SVT with frequent PVCs. In the last month I've noticed an increase in SVT episod...
So recently my sleeping heart rate went from high ish mid 60s to 70s most of the night and 80s laying in bed to now it’s in the low 70 h...
My son has had anxiety and worry about his heart for about 5 years now. His PCP is also a cardiologist. In the past all heart test have b...
my dizziness started last week and started out of no-where i found out tonight that, while moving my eyes left-to-right, I can actually c...
About two months ago I started lifting weights and exercising to get back into shape. I am 5'3" and 250lbs. I am not flabby, just heav...
about three years ago I believe my daughter suffered heart failure in an emergency room while suffering from pneumonia. Looking at her re...
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