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I have seen a doctor for issues with my heart rhythm before, and it was confirmed that my resting heart rate of 72 increases to about 115...
I am worried that my doctor is not taking my symptoms seriously. The results came back during this corona virus shutdown I am a 68 yr o...
So i always assumed palpitations were connected to my pvc's, but today i had a couple of palpitations but no pauses in my heart, it felt ...
I am a 32 yo female that has presented with heart issues. I had a ECG done and here are the readings Vent rate 65 BPM PR interval 124 m...
I had two events. I was driving, suddenly I felt very ill/ passing out. Split second... fast forward ambulance, ER etc., dx witjh low Pot...
I'm a 40 year old female. I'm a post operative weight loss surgery patient with a history of panic/anxiety. Up until recently I've been o...
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