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Hello all, nothing new really, I'm still feeling pretty good!! After so many years of feeling lousy and anxious and afraid (15 years I th...
My heart has been fluttering and when i am feeling my pulse when i have a flutter my pulse stops then starts once the flutter has stopped...
I noticed that on some days, my palpitations are more frequent and more severe than others. On average, I get about 3-4 instances of pal...
Todays update , I have taken the advice of many people on this site and here is what I have achieved. I began taking 500mg Magnesium I ...
I write as much to say "hi" to many friends who I believe are still active and helpful on this form as to have a question: experience on ...
I'm having an abnormally high heart rate during sexual arousal. 130s, 140s, and higher. Just to clarify, this occurs during arousal, not ...
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