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A run of sequential PVC's greater than three in a row is to be classified as what?

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That last post I made appears that I said you were PIA. That is NOT what  I meant. What I meant was the PVC's were  a PIA. I probably should have just kept my mouth shut .

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Well, I can make a case for this being a PITA both ways :-)  

It is a bit rude when people head in here and ask questions like it's a google search.  Not even a "thank you",  007habib presents a good example of this posting technique here.  Personally I don't take the time out of my day to answer.  Advise to others, if you want decent feedback, don't be this cold in your posts.

And I always agree with you nyaceguy, NSVT is a PITA for sure (assuming that's what you mean, Pain In The A..)

it made me LOL :-)
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