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AV node ablation with pacemaker

Have you had one?  Did it help?  Am I making the right decision?  It is so permanent and a scary thing.  They is so much on the Internet against it.  Small town with only two cardiologists groups.  I have always trusted my cardiologist before but the permanent no going back has me scared.
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I was up against the same decision 18 mo ago and finally had it done in March 09. I, too, ruminated over the finality of it all.  I was on a boat load of meds (tikyson, diltiazem, atenolol) and they were not doing the trick.  I already had a pacer so it did not have to endure that part of the procedure.  When I finally made the decision, I was ready to proceed.  I am glad I had it done as it has cut down on the recurrent AFib by quite a lot.  I feel so much better.  Life on a battery is not bad at all.

I went to a large teaching hospital 2.5 hrs away for all of my work. Prior to the AVJ ablation, I had 3 other ablations for AFib and AFlutter.  I had the pacer implanted between ablation 1 and 2.  Each ablation lessened the heart probs but the last one, the AVJ finally put it to rest.

I am still running on my original pacer and am due to have it changed out in the next year.

Good luck to you.
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Yes I would say that if you have reached this point and no other meds will help you, go for it. I had an av nodal ablation at the ripe old age of 25 and I went from being nearly bedridden to leading a pretty normal life after I had it done. I've never ever had a single regret.
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