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Dancing to the Beat -- Dr. Callan explains it all!

For those of us who struggle to keep a visual image (beyond the mere patterns of lines and blips on the EKG machine) of exactly what the heart is doing during (as well as the differences between)  A-Fib, PVCs, PACs, AV Block, etc., in our minds, I recently stumbled onto a video on You Tube that provided a wonderful demonstration of some of the more common arrhythmias. The finer details between the various dysrhythmias as shown in this demo will definitely stick in my mind! You can find the link by googling "Cardiac Arrhythmia Dr Callan". While at first you may wonder if this is possibly some kind of joke (and I'm still unsure as to whether it is or isn't!) just keep watching as there appears to be some real science behind his unorthodox presentation. Just be aware, this is not for the faint of heart -- and apparently, there is no sound track...
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ltigo - Yeah, it made me laugh out loud then I realized there was some method behind the seeming madness which led me to think the guy is pretty clever.

Wisconsin - I did worry a bit about how some people might feel about the ending so almost didn't post it...however, he IS back before his blackboard and standing upright in the final scene, so I took that as a good sign. Besides, I thought it was hilarious, too!

Stutter - looks like quite a few people have had some fun with Dr. Callan's antics as there are several versions now. some people are just so creative...

ireneo - That's the one. I just discovered it while doing "serious" research that led me to You Tube (who knew there were actual vids of ablations and technical materials on there) and I just loved it. Humor is good for the heart, right?!
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I haven't looked at it yet but is this the grainy black and white video with the "doctor" acting out the arrhythmias with his body? I love that thing. Yes, it's funny but it's such a clear visual of how the heart is working that it's easy enough for anyone to understand. I'll check out the other link too if it doesn't get erased any time soon.
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check this out. A med school student's takeoff on that vid that you described.
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That was hilarious!  I got the sense it was a professor with a good sense sense of humor.  Hopefully he was kidding with the unsuccessful defibrillation.  Looked like it.

Though I'm not sure he got RBBB and LBBB correct.  Looked more like Elaine from Seinfeld dancing.  :)
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That was a great video! Fantastic.........You could really get the beats in your head.... Very informative even though there was no sound......
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