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Does anyone get pvcs or pacs without the skips? Is that even possible?

I've had pvcs and pacs for years, but the past few days I've had a very strange sensation.  The only way I can describe it is it's like pvcs without the skips.  It's like I have the after after of the harder beat, but no pause beforehand.  I have been checking my pulse and it doesn't skip!  I'm undecided if it's just anxiety, or if it's some weird kind of pvc.  Can anyone relate to this?  Oh, and they're also ways more frequent that usually when I have pvcs.
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I would suspect if you don't detect a skip it could be a pac or possibly just a strong beat and not an ectopic extra beat.  If you are not in any sort of respiratory distress or it isn't causing you to fall into a arrhythmia then I wouldn't be too concerned.  The thing is the more we hyper focus on what our heart is doing the more odd symptoms we will feel.  I'd say do your best to try and ignore the odd beatings of your heart.  They are fairly common.  I get an odd string of beats if I drink too much caffeine or have a lot of stomach gas.   I found the less I pay attention to it the less anxious I get about it.  Take care.  
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