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Heart failure questions

I have read all of the basic info but i wanna know from people who really have it

What do you experience?

How did you find out?

is it chronic in the sense that there are symptoms constantly?

Can you have heart failure with out edema?

how does it effect your sleep?

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Hi, hope you are doing well, considering you're reading/posting on this Community.

You question is way to broad for me/most to comment beyond:

Heart failure = death in my mind.

Congestive heart failure = any of a series of failing heart conditions, including continuing enlargement of one or more chambers, which will at some point result in final heart failure, the first item above.

I have an enlarged left atrium due to a long term leaky mitral valve.  This enlargement was "watched" for a number of years and was an early stage of congestive heart failure. At a critical point the decision was made for me to undergo open heart surgery to repair/replace the mitral valve.  That was done, a repair, and in the subsequent 18+ months the heart enlargement has been reversed and the size is approaching the normal maximum size.  So, in my experience/understanding, some forms of (congestive) heart failure are reversible.  

My main symptom was and is atrial fibrillation.
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I am assuming you mean congestive heart failure. If so welcome to the club. CHF is largely the increased size of the left ventricle with a greatly reduce output of blood called the ejection fraction. A normal heart has an ejection fraction of somewhere around 80. People with chf are considerably lower. Mine at the lowest point was down to 25. This may rsult in swelling of the extreamities especially the ankles but not all see that including me. The normal thing is lightheadedness, short of breath and decreased physical capabilities. That being said of all the people effected it pretty much breaks down to 1/3 of the patients get worse, 1/3 get better and 1/3 stay the same. Do not assume you are destined to die or necessarily need a transplant even though the statistics have indicated 80% of those diagnosed die within 8 years of diagnoses. I think this statistic has not been updated with modern technologies. There are a number of medications to treat this condition such as Coreg, Avapro etc as there are a number of new procedures to surgically assist in the treatment. Also I would advise the addition of 2 supplements to your medications COQ10 dosage depends on weight etc I take 400MG per day. Also L-Carnitine I take 100mg per day. I was diagnosed in July 2005 with an ejection fraction of 25 I am now up to 55 and working to get it higher
So keep the faith do your research, get a good cardiologist and ask lots and lots of questions

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thanks for the responses i thought swelling was always a tale tell sign
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