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Heart fluttered

Trigeminy woke me up. So scared. Did have a lot of caffeine today and no food. So scared to go back to sleep. I am 43 fem with Hashimoto thyroiditis for 23yrs now. Any thoughts/suggestions
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Hi - have you had any tests done (echo, ecg, stress test, etc.) to know if there is an underlying cause?  I don't know anything about Hashimoto so maybe you are saying that is the underlying cause?

I have been in trigeminy before and agree it can be quite unsettling.  I found sometimes that doing 100 jumping jacks would help mine break out of that rhythm, but I had done a number of tests and was told mine were "benign" so to speak.

Anyways, hope you are feeling better now!
Hi, yes. last echo was 4 years ago and everything looked good. Fortunately the episode lasted abt 2 seconds..Yes I am better now..
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