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Here is a weird heart beat for you

Last night i was minding my own business when i had a PVC.  They are pretty rare now since i have been on this medication for the last 2 years.  Well i decided i would take my heart rate and see what it is, then i felt another PVC (it happens sometimes, i'll get one, then another a few beats later, then normal beats again) As i was feeling the pause, i felt a thud in my chest like a palpitation, but not on my palse, then a short pause and beats back to normal.  Now im not sure if i had two in a row (i know that 2-7 in a row is generally seen as normal and nothing to worry about) but maybe i had a beat in there but did not feel it for what ever reason?  

Can anyone elaborate
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Ya someone else i talked to told me since i felt a forceful beat, that might have been the second one i thought i missed.  I just felt a pause, then a forceful beat and my heart beat continued on.  I did not feel the hard beat on my wrist, but that could be a number for mistakes i could have made.
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You may have had a couplet or possibly a short run of NSVT.  Either way, in the presence of a non diseased heart, these types of beats are considered primarily benign and nothing to worry about.  I know how weird heart beats are troubling and hard to dismiss, but they are really nothing to worry about.  
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