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I have SVT and don't know how to exercise safely

I'm an 18 year old college kid. Exercise has never been a part of my life and I'm overweight. I have not been diagnosed but I show literally every symptom of textbook supraventricular tachycardia. I want to start exercising but I'm afraid that it could be dangerous. I have experienced episodes as early as 9 years old, or so far as I can remember and it always scared me. Would it be safe for me to start running and exercising?
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.....sorry...I hit the send button prematurely.
....attempt to convert them.  By using Valsalva, I was able to convert every one, and stay out of the ER.  I would suggest to you to challenge your SVT.  Do not let it defeat you.  Refuse to let it control your life by learning ways to slow it down when it happens.  Once uou know how to do that, you are master of it.  Sure you may have to sit for a while, and let your respiration return to normal before slowing it.  But after it drops out of SVT, you may go backto what you were doing.  For me, after nearly 54 years of SVT, I had it fixed though cardiac ablation.  The procedure was successful, and today although a pretty old guyl I still skate, coach, and enjoy life.  I wish you the best!
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I have SVT too, you are safe to exercise. I use my exercise bike twice a day. in fact exercise helps it. I use an exercise bike for my back problem (scoliosis, arthritis). years ago I used to run. of course I can't now because my back is so bad. if it comes on when you exercise is stop and wait til it stops then go back to what you where doing. thats what I do anyway. had my SVT 13 years

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My first SVT episode was at six years of age.  I was admitted to the hospital with an astonishing pulse rate of 312 beats per minute. Doctors converted it with drugs, and I was released 2 days later with digitalis, and most important,  the knowledge of how to convert if it happened again.  That was 56 years ago, and since then I have experienced hundreds, perhaps over a thousand SVT episodes. Instead of succumbing to the prospect of a restricted lifesfyle with a "heart condition", I decided to challenge it.  As a kid I got involved in short track speed skating, then sprint cycling, and surfing, all sports which required bursts of heavy physical output.  I participated in these sports well into adulthood, and reached national ranking in skating and cycling.   I had many show stopping episodes which force me to immediately stop what I was doing, sit down, cool off, amd then attempt to convert
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Thank you! That actually means a lot to me. I've been letting this thing interfere with me living but not anymore.
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I also have svt...well innapropriate sinus tach and a buttload of pvcs to string along with. reading this made me think of myself, iv had my heart condition for 5 years now..oddly enough one day it just hit me out of the  blue thought I was having a heart attack....well after that day I have done numerous things to try to cope and deal, its nearly impossible for me...I feel I'm on the brink of an attack almost all day long...it completely controls my life, I'm afraid also as you are to work out and enjoy life. I have a 9 yr old daughter and this has effected me being a mother to her cause instead of racing around playing tag riding bikes I'm sitting on the lawn chair tring to keep my heart rate at bay...it spikes out of no where and the pvcs oh man they are just the worse...I don't know what to do half the time. iv finally just got over the need to run to the emergency room every time I have an attack but now I lay in bed and fear closing my eyes....but at least I'm not in the er looking like a crazy...I guess.....but laying down in bed almost all day is my life, I don't know how else to taclke this even being on medication....I look at ur statement and am in awe as to how u can beat ur svt....I am not weak but this is beyone debilitating, ur my hero for being so strong...I wish to god every day I was able to do the same!
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