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MRI Results , Left Ventricular enlargement

Hi all , Couple of days left until my Ablation for PVCs and today  I received a letter from my doctor with the results of my MRI Scan .  

It says that there were no signs of any heart diseases but the left chamber of my heart was a bit enlarged , but then he adds that this might be normal for my heigh and weigh and I really don't get that ?  

could my PVCs cause this ? and how serious is it  ?  

I have enough to deal with and I do not want to worry more and more each day  :(( but i wanna ba sure that my heart is healthy .
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I think the question is;  is the size stable.  That can be determined only by taking another reading a few months after the first.  If stable, it is unlikely that the enlargement is a threat to you health.
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try not to worry too much. talk to your doctors and have them reassure you.
do you have some anti anxiety agent to take to get you through this?
best to you
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I take anti anxiety agents , Cipralex 10 mg ( cut in half ) and Rivotril 2 mg at night . I wish my Docs could understand me :(
I'm not feeling strong any more Like I used to when I did not know about my PVCs ,  I'm shocked, scared and emotionally exhausted.

all these tests and now my MRI showing no signs of any  heart diseases is a good thing and  I know that i should be happy about this but there's always something that isn't quite right , If my PVCs are so benign why would they cause my left ventricular to enlarged ?
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Hi Jerry thanks for your comment , none of my Echo tests have shown the enlargement of LV , and  I have had  6 - 7 Echo tests during this past nine months .
Docs just confuse me telling me that it might be a bit enlarged but it might be normal for my body size ,  I'm 6'1  180 pounds .
I just want to know if benign PVCs could enlarge my LV  ??
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again I say, try not to be worried. have your doctor explain whatever he/she can to you, to reassure you. I worry alot about my PVCs, thousands when they are acting up, and they inspite of CAD RCD, collateral compensations, and negative testing for ischemia, PVCs benign in nature - I still worry. You can't help it. These are very unsettling. Again, try not worry, stay in touch with the forum, and good luck on your ablation. I am sure you will be ok.
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Hey Lucas! I used to constantly worry about my PVCs and PACs. I get them  constantly and I have for over 20 years almost 30 you know that. You know when I stop worrying so much about my PVCs and PACs? When I started getting PSVT, and had to be converted with Adenosine  in the ER over half a dozen times. Your heart beating 220 times a minute and having to be converted  will sure take your mind off the PVCs and PACs! LOL but I wouldn't recommend it! Again LOL. I have since learned to come to terms with all of these things, since I've had PVCs and PACs for  three decades and PSVT for six years and I'm 56 now and my cardiologist still is not worried about anything I figure I better get my anxiety under control. I just decided I cannot spend every minute of every day worrying about my heart or eventually it will kill me just from the stress. Anything can happen to any of us at any time, so I'm trying to enjoy life instead of wasting all worrying constantly about these with issues. I still have problems controlling my anxiety but I'm working to get a real handle on it. I think that's the direction you might need to go when also. Best of luck and keep posting!
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Rythym issues not with issues. I hate auto correct!
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Hi Elli , It's good to have you back , I want to thank you and everyone on this forum , reading you guys comments of here has helped  a lot !!!  !  me and my psychologist are working on my anxiety almost everyday and I am starting to feel  better , but i do not want to stop my anti arrhythmatic drug ( Propafenone ) and now there just couple of days left for my ablation , Elli I am kinda scared for ablation but I wanted to get rid of these annoying beats and that's why I agreed and I hope I am doing the right thing .
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Thank you .  I keep posting and hope my experience can help someone on here with PVCs .
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Believe me Lucas, I get it! I was on Rythmol (propafanone) for over a decade and it really helped the PVCs until one of my cardiologist told me I should stop it because it does more harm than good, well I don't know about that, I just know they came back with a vengeance once I came off it. I hope you're ablation goes great and keep us posted on how you're doing!
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Thank you Elli , have you ever thought about ablation ?
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Yes I have! In fact I am supposed to have one sometime around January. I have been saving up for since my insurance  that I just recently got barely covers any of it!
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