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Magnesium citrate powder 375mg

Was given by the Pharmacy above supplement to help my constipation. I am soooo mad cause they didn't tell me I was supposed to follow it up with plenty of water (thank God I drink at least 10 glasses anyway per day) and only occasionally. It helped my constipation a bit not too much and certainly not diarrhea etc.. Anyway I noticed yesterday my resting heart rate was in mid 50's to high 50's..today I didn't take it and by chance I came across an article that says it may lower heart beats!  am so scared I may have damaged myself..anyone can help with info?
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There could be a number of reasons for your heart rate to be low, but yes, magnesium is calming and lower your heart rate.  If you don’t have a heart problem, it’s unlikely to hurt you.  My heart stays around 45-50 all the time and it’s fine.  

If you’re concerned about it, check back with your pharmacy or talk to you r doctor.   If constipation is a regular thing for you, perhaps you should talk to your doctor about that, as well since there are some medical conditions that can cause it.  Diet/lack of fiber also causes constipation, so you might need to look at what you’re eating.  
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Thank you. No heart problems. Yes I will def talk to my dr tomorrow
Let me know what s/he has to say, please.  
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