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PVCs and High Blood Pressure

Can frequent pvcs cause high blood pressure?  My blood pressure is usually normal, but right now I am having a horrible 3 day bout of every 4th beat.  I went to the cardiologist and my blood pressure was up.  I have been taking it at home and it is running high also, about 130 -134/80 - 86.  Usually I am in the teens over the 60's.  No changes in weight or diet, just these damn skips.  Of course he told me to add another Toprol and they will subside.  Had all the tests - all normal.  I am trying to do a holter monitor, but can't till next week when all my summer guests leave.  Once I do, I can go to the Big Wig in Boston (EP who does ablations).  Does anyone know if pvcs can increase blood pressure (or is it the summer guests - hahaha!!)?
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When I'm in the middle of my PVC episodes I don't recall seeing any change in my BP.  The bigest problem I had was the BP machine erroring out with the pauses.  I would have to use a stethoscope and do it manually.  

Maybe it's because of the stress of the pvc flare up?  Or it could be that there is a mechanism that raised your BP which is also causing the PVC flare up.

My guess is that the PVCs themselves aren't causing the raised BP.  More likely the two are probably being caused by the same issue or the raised BP is a result of the stress from the flare up.
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Thank you so much for responding.  I have been trolling the boards for encouragement.  Tomorrow will be my 6th day straight of pvcs every 4th beat.  I am going to try and get a holter monitor so that I can take it to an EP.  Had a normal stress echo a couple of months ago and a normal stress test and echo 2 years ago.  Starting to lose my mind...

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I have been documented as having "white coat hypertension" (3 months of meticulous BP recordings at home compared to what happens when the doc--not the nurse--puts the cuff on me) and I have found that when I'm torqued up, as my BP rises, the number of PVCs increases.

when I am calm, the number of PVCs AND the BP both drop.
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For me, I know that the PVCs cause me anxiety which in turn will raise my BP. Then the anxiety causes more PVCs. It's a vicious cycle, and just know you're not alone. Keep reading this site and you'll see alot of us suffer the same issues.  
I know just what you are saying I am the same way it is hard to control  anxiety it is in my DNA wish I could control it.
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Hello, THANKS to everybody that commented on PVCs and BP.  Today during a meeting I noticed what I learned today PVC's happening to me.  Went to urgent care because I've been haivng them all day...EkG done showed the PVC's.  By reading all your comments I feel so much better and relieved.....Can't seem to fall asleep right now, thinking I"m gonna have a heart attack or something...Anyway, I know that part of my symptoms are due to stress at work....I'll be checking in with my Primary doc tomorrow....thanks again for all your advice everybody.
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This was four years ago - how did it turn out?
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I was having some of the same issues and what my Doctor explained was that some of the things that cause Blood Pressure to go up also cause PVCs and palpitations.  Too much salt, not enough water, tobacco, caffeine, energy drinks, and Ibuprofen were some of the culprits for me. Once I eliminated those things the PVCs and palpitations went away. I do still have high blood pressure though.
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I had a heart Ablation five years ago all was good started having PVCS  now had EHCO  last week now  was told I have a leaking heart valve
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