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PVC's with flutter

Do those of you who have pvc's ever feel a quick vibrating flutter? I hate that so bad and it scares me.
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Thank you very much for your reply. There's a strange comfort in knowing others feel the same! Mine are gone for now, thank God. You know they come as quickly as they leave and you never know when either will happen!!

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Sorry for the late reply (+1 week!), but YES.  I definitely feel a vibration at times or a fluttering sensation.  I often describe one feeling as a vibrating "funnel," like something being funneled and shaking during that quick time, then *boom* --> a PVC happens.

Don't know if that makes sense, but as we all know, it's often difficult to describe what's going on inside.  Hope you see this if you're still looking for others who share the same feeling.  
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YES like a butterfly flapping its wings really fast for a second or two.
Totally normal from what I understand.  Don't worry
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