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PVC's....Hypothyroid (Hashimotos)

Hello.  I am hypothyroid, managed well on medication.  Hashimoto's....antibodies have lowered from the high 400's to last result which was 67.  I have had PVC's off and on for years....but currently I am in a cycle that is unrelenting.  I have had brain mapping done, and the brain pattern seen in PTSD.  I have a great life now, but I was told this pattern resulted from events in my childhood.  Basically, I have it together, but man, when something stressful, or even worse.. emotionally upsetting happens, I go from zero to a thousand on the richter scale.  I take good care of myself.  I am semi-retired, and exercise every day....eat well, do not smoke or drink.  I am wanting to ask if anyone has been able to find the "thing" that will calm the adrenals in order to quench these annoying PVC's.  I have taken 5HTP in the past.....helpful for mild depression and anxiety.  I do take Calcium/Magnesium as well as a good Vitamin/Mineral supplement, so don't think I could me deficient in anything.  Any comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.
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