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Painful PVCs during exercise or increased heart rate

I've had PVCs/PACs for roughly ten years. I can generally tell the difference nowadays but have been experiencing something different. What's been problematic lately is that when I'm exercising my PVCs can sometimes come in waves (I'm sure there's a pun there) where every other stride (maybe every 2-3 heart beats) I'll feel a PVC that is painful since my heart is beating my faster and harder while running. They'll continue like this and usually pass within a minute or two. I wouldn't call it typical chest pain but more like a wincing fleeting pain with my heart beat in the center of my chest. Like I said, if I'm running, I'll slow down until they pass and then resume my pace. During recovery periods my heart will sometimes speed up and make me anxious which will then trigger this cycle again but once I calm down it usually passes. It's not terribly uncomfortable but it is painful. I don't have any other symptoms like shortness of breath or "classical chest pain". Any thoughts? Everything I've read says they should go away with exercise and also not be painful. They are causing a great amount of anxiety and stress.
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You know what's funny. I was having a bad bout of PVCs like the user described above and so went to Google as that what we anxious people do and finally found someone that has been having similar symptoms to my own. Turns out I'm the poster above and I just stumbled upon my old post.
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Hilarious.  Unfortunately I think your heart is just irritated from the exercise making the premature beats hurt more but if you haven't had your heart checked out you may want to see a doctor just to get a good baseline that it is healthy.  
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