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Post Ablation Marathon Racing

Not a question - just an announcement.
    Ablated on July 30.
    Training resumed on Aug 13.
    Marathon completed on Dec 4. (just a touch over 4 hours)

I'm not posting to boast. Nobody here knows me, so what does it matter?

The reason I post it is: many people read this forum to learn about ablation.  They see plenty of people posting, "I had two ablations they worked, didn't work, sort of worked... now I PVC, ABC, minor SVT, slight AFIB, panic attacks and a small case of LMNOP."

These unsuccessful cases are unfortunate, frustrating and true.  However, I think it's important for people to know: a vast majority of people who are ablated (for SVT) are FIXED, that day. I was. You can be too.

Just sayin', "Look on the bright side."
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Very good! I was ablated 11/16.  Since then I resumed light skating, yard work, walked several miles this past weekend...oh yeh..was up on my kid's roof, 2 stories up blowing leaves out of the rain gutters.  It works!
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I had a good feeling about your procedure Tom.  Congratulations and keep up the good work.  May the ER staff forget our names and faces!  ;-)
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Wow! Congrats! Running a marathon is an amazing accomplishment even for someone without heart issues.......
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