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Really big PVC?

I was diagnosed with PVCs three years ago. I was having the typical flip flopping sensation and an increased heart rate (increased for me, but not tachycardic). I had two Holter monitors, an echocardiogram, several ECGs, a stress test and a stress echo. I have been under the care of an EP Cardiologist for the last year. All tests have come back normal and I'm always told there is nothing to worry about. I have a really low rate of PVCs. Always isolated, with normal sinus rhythm around them.

Two days ago, I had a REALLY strong PVC. My heart felt like it went floppity, flop, flop...took my breath away. It really has been making me concerned. Have any of you had a stronger than normal PVC? Could it have been a couplet? If it was a couplet, is that bad? Thanks for any imput...I hate how this is making me focus on this so much. Of course, my regular PVCs seem to be occurring more often too.
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Yes, mine vary in intensity.  Very common.    I once had a huge thumper caught on a holter.  It was a couplet.  knocked me over but I never got dizzy or anything like that.  As long as blood flow is good, you've got a good heart muscle.  

Mine phase up and down.  They come and go.  Yours are doing the same thing.  It will settle down on its own soon.
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I had been having pvcs for months and then one day I had several in a row that were very strong,  made me feel faint and took my breath away so I went to the urgent care and was sent to the cardiologist.  Where I found out I had a murmur and diastolic dysfunction.  
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Thanks for the response. So, it was a couplet when you had that strong one? Was your cardiologist worried at all that it was a couplet? All of mine that have been recorded have been single and isolated. I'm just wondering if it was a couplet, if that means something different for prognosis.
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