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SVT Returned Yesterday After Ablation - Please Help

I am so depressed. I had an ablation which we thought was successful for AVNRT in March 2014. I was so relieved after the procedure. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my life. I could travel! I could camp!

And now, almost 6.5 months later - I had an episode last night. It was what I would describe as SVT-light. Same lightheaded onset right after I bent over to pick something up off the floor. My heart rate was not intense, about 150. It lasted for only about 2 minutes. I think I stopped it from bearing down and putting my head between my legs (almost a head stand).

I am so sad today. Does anyone have any advise? I know it could be worse, but I thought this was behind me.

Thanks for your replied.
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Hi. Really sorry to hear it. I think you should try to lift your depression using some basic reasoning here.

Life is not always perfect, but it is very amazing, very beautiful, no?
Pretty slim chance that your SVT is actually life threatening.
This has happened only once in 6.5 months.
You can get it treated, or not.
You can adjust your lifestyle.
Lots of people share the condition.

Life goes on. Work on the problems, but enjoy the ride.

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At the slow rate you describe it may not actually be your svt flaring up.  It could be something else but you do need to discuss this with your EP.  It is possible if there is still a bit of conduction going on they can get the rest of it with a second ablation.  But try not to stress. It happens sometimes.  There have been a few on here who needed a second ablation and all was well after that.  Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Maybe it was just a fluke.  Seems like I've read on here it takes a while for things to settle down after an ablation.  I'll be hoping that's true in your case -- don't panic yet!
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There are occasions when SVT returns in the aftermath of an ablation.  Perhaps a thread of muscle remains that was missed which still supports conduction.   Despite the high tech nature of the procedure, there's still a lot of manual work required by the physician.  Nearly four years since my ablation for AVRT, I still get short little runs of SVT for perhaps 5 to 12 beats, although it has been a while since I felt one.  Give it some time, but I'm a pessimist by nature, so I'm going to say there's another trip to the cath lab in your future.
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Thanks for the comments! I spoke with the Dr and he suggests we do nothing, given that my SVT has always been only once a year, maybe twice (at least for now). I am trying to manage the reality that what we thought was fixed, is likely not fixed. I am trying to be positive, remain optimistic that this is something I can handle - just like many others. Appreciate the input. Really, means a lot. Was just hoping to connect with others who might have a similar situation post ablation.

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I had an ablation fro VT. I get runs of episodes every two to three months. I too was hopeful that the Ablation worked but it didnt. I can relate it is very depressing. Try to keep your chin up though. I think these forums are a good place to connect with like minded people and get the support you need.
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