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SVT's and Exercise

Hi all, I'm male 54yrs. Started cycling 4yrs ago, even started to compete in my age group. won a race 2yrs ago and took part in a Worlds qualifier last year. I developed SVT's while out on the bike, it was caught early on a 24hr ECG.
My heart rate hit 245 and the whole episode was very scary, they usually persist for 20-30mins when the heartrate suddenly drops to normal. I've been fully checked out at cardiology and the physical aspects of the heart seem fine.
I have been given the option to have the ablation and I have decided to go for it. I have recently developed a lot of anxiety and have lost all interest in training, I am now experiencing a lot of Eptopic beats(skipping) which often go on for hours. I recently started taking Flecainide and I wonder if the skipping of beats comes from the medication.
I have recently had a lot of dizziness like vertigo but I've been told it's unlikely to be related.
Finding life very difficult at the moment and feel generally very anxious and depressed.
Would like to hear views and advice from anyone.
Regards AlexN
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Hi alex I too have suffered from SVT and I know first hand how scary it can be when you heart beats over 200 bpm.I can say for myself the only thing that ever stopped my heart from racing is standing on my head.Try it and see if it works for you.It would stop mine from racing within 2-5 seconds.I also had a cryoablation done almost 1 year 9 months ago and so far no svt or afib.
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....sorry...I can assure you that the effects are worth the discomfort you are experiencing.  I'm a relatively old man now, although I still compete in the "old guys" division, and while it's fun, it's not the Seniors I once competed in years ago.  I would urge you to stay the course, get your life back and make the most of what's left of your competitive cycling days.  We're always here if you have any questions.

Tom H.
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Hi Alex.  Wow, this sounds a lot like my history.  I had a near lifelong history of frequent SVT, yet competed at national and world levels in amateur short track speed skating and sprint cycling (check out my photos).  This was many years ago, but it prevented me from attaining my full potential. I had to withdraw from Olympic trials following a severe episode of SVT during a distance event, which I usually dreaded because it tended to initiate and event.  Family, career and a very bad crash requiring two surgeries ended my competitive cycling, and I decided to retire and just coach skating.   I lived with SVT all my life until two and a half years ago when I my cardiologist caught an episode on a long term recorder and was very concerned at the high rate and my age.  At 62, I can still get sinus rates into the low 200's, and SVT rates as high as 260, but typically 225 if it occurs at rest.  So he talked me into seeing a couple of electrophysiologists.  I chose the one who after reading my history, said " How would you like your life back?".  Finally, someone who understood...  At that point, I was psyched ,and ready to go.  The wait was agonizing, yet filled with apprehension.  My EP uses general anesthesia for almost every procedure.  I was completely unconscious for the entire thing and remember nothing.  A Vallium injection in my drip line prior to going down left me really logey and I really didn't care what they did to me at that point.  I awoke about 5 hours later feeling really good.  I happened to have a final episode 2 nights before the procedure, and that was the last one.  I was dining with my wife at a restaurant when it just fired up out of the blue.

I completely understand your apprehension with the thought of the ablation procedure.  I can assure you the
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