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Sotalol & Running & ICD

Hi everyone!  I am a former competitive athlete, cyclist and runner who received a lovely ICD in April of 2014 due to fainting episodes and sustained vtach all while running.  I am 40 years old and female.  I was also put on Sotalol 80 mg at the time.  I got myself back up to running but nowhere near where I was before my ICD, which is ok with me!  I am so happy to be out there!  the 80 mg of Sotalol was really effecting me mentally and physically so in October of 2014 my EP cut my dose in half to 40 mg.  That was a much better dose for me.  I could function and workout at a good level.  I wear a HRM and keep my HR under 140.  I have been fine since then however just yesterday I had an event while running!  my ICD paced me out of it, and I felt no dizziness or anything.  I actually thought it was a PVC.  I have done nothing different than usual, but was a bit tired yesterday and have been having upset stomachs.  

Anyone else run and have an ICD and on meds?  
Anyone else been paced out of a tachycardia event?  

Hope to find other athletes out there.  Hope to hear from you!!
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I know this has not been answered since 2015 so I hope you’re still active.  I was a competitive long distance runner but in 2012 while racing I had a ventricular tachycardia episode. I got an ICD shortly thereafter.  I continued running, though not as fast or far.  I only had a couple of episodes until recently and was just placed on this drug.  I’m really hoping it’ll significantly reduce my episodes and am also hoping I’ll at least be able to run a little.  How are you doing?  Are you still running?
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I do a decent amount of exercise.  Lap swim 1 mi and run 5 mi daily.  Had one episode of PVC but probably from thyroid meds.  Lots of endurance athletes have heart rhythm issues later in life.  I wish you the best.  Below is recent ESPN article about potential issues for endurance training.

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