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Sustained heart rate 160-180bpm

I ws taken to the hospital during a panic attack, and my heart rate was sustained around 160-180.  They performed an EKG, chest x-ray and took blood while my heat rate was around 170.  If I had some sort of arrhythmia that caused sudden tachycardia, wouldnt they have found it, since they did those tests during my episode?  they said everything was fine except the fast heartbeat.

It's just someone told me that it was not normal to have a heartrate that high during a panic attack, but i've heard of people having them that hight before, i was just gonna check and see what everyone here thought



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Just went today to the lovely hospital. Had all the same test and it was a panic attack w/ a heart rate of 160-170 for almost an hour. I almost passed out three times. Just about the time I'd calm down and it would start to drop, it would skyrocket back up again. Freaked me out.
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If you were having an arrhythmia during your EKG, then it's very likely that the ER doctor would have detected it.  Sinus tachycardia can be caused by things other than arrhythmia though.

My husband has panic attacks that result in inappropriate sinus tachycardia, so anxiety can defiantly cause sinus tachycardia.  Inappropriate sinus tachycardia can also be caused by sick sinus syndrome or autonomic disorders.  Those are usually detected from with a tilt table test.  Valve problems are better detected by an Echo, and can cause episodes of anxiety and sinus tachycardia.
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i had the exact same thing my pulses and heart went upto 180 and over, my arm tightened up and could hardy move me fingers, i was so scarred. ecg and chest x ray were all fine it's very scary i thought i was going to die! can anyone tell me if that is dfangerous or if they have had the same  symtoms?
I suffer from AF my heart rate can go as high of 193 bpm ive had lots of ECG and blood test now I'm on fleconide and blood thinners to help provent a AF stroke
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I've had hr's 160's 180's -200's, pvc's & vt runs and can be quite scary;  you need to have a full cardiac workup outside an ER setting if you haven't.

Sometimes high hr's can be a sign of something more serious; your dr is the one who decides =)
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Yall should look into hypoglycemia. Had a HR of 160 todayamd was on the verge of fainting for close to an hr. Low blood sugar attacks VERY closely mimic panic attacks in terms of symptoms. I didnt think it was a panic attack bc it didnt really manifest the way they always have in the past. This was a fast onslaught of a physiological response in a split second. Ive been hypoglycemic for awhile and this really scared me. Check it out. Ive also bought a glucose meter recently.
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Hey, I’ve had panic attacks where my heart rate was around the same as yours. It even went into the 180s a couple of times! I was TERRIFIED, which of course only made it race faster, but again, after an EKG showed that everything else was normal, I gradually came to accept that my heart is simply a little more sensitive to anxiety than most people’s. I’ve been dealing with this since 2010, and I’m still alive and kicking! So in short, I’m willing to bet you will be for many years to come. Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions or would like some reassurance :)
Did you overcome your panic attacks?
Do you still have such high heart rates?
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