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What might cause a sustained drop in pulse and blood pressure?

I am 43 and (unfortunately) not in shape- 5'7" 200lbs. I recently noticed a drop in my pulse rate and blood pressure that is proving to be sustained. My resting heart rate was previously in the low/mid 80s and now it is between 50-65bpm. My blood pressure was considered prehypertension to high and now is generally running between 115/65-125/80 with a couple systolic drops below 110. My oxygen is remaining between 97-99 with periodic exceptions of low 90's, particularly while laying down.

I was already seeing a cardiologist for arm numbness, minor chest pain, PACs, PVCs and occasional tachycardia-had a stress test and halter done prior to the drop in bpm and BP. Although I was not able to see the cardiologist due to his schedule-rescheduled and then ran too late-I did see the NP on Tuesday who advised that they did not see anything to be alarmed about in either test. Some slight abnormalities in heart, none of which she considered emergent. As such, she stated that there wasn't anything to be done about the newly lowered stats unless I start passing out.

I went to my primary this am but since none of my specialists had sent her any records/results she was unable to make any recommendations. She said it will be late next week until she will be able to address the matter due to record requests, etc. I called and asked the offices to expedite. My readings in her office this am were 63 bpm (manual read) and 116/72 and I was internally worked up about getting help!

I became aware that something was off Friday night and realized when I used my oximeter on Monday morning at work that my pulse was 54. Some symptoms that I have been experiencing lately (some of which may be unrelated and none are constant)-slight numbness/change of sensation in tip of tongue, feeling of anxiousness in chest and cold hands (these 3 are all happening the most since lower numbers), red/purple fingertips, tingling in torso, slight numbness in face and hands, dry skin, flushing, regularly yellow stool. My pulse shoots up over 100 (highest during a short walk yesterday-126bpm) when "active" and quickly drops back down to the 60/50s upon stopping.

I have been seeing an allergist due to extreme cases of hives (ER for treatment) usually after eating. I had an IGe level of 545, carbon dioxide of 18, a bunch of new allergens and a D level of 28 on the most recent blood test. TSH was normal but a full thyroid panel was not done. Potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium also fine.  He is treating it as a histamine intolerance at this point. I started Allegra 24 on Sunday but stopped after Monday morning's dose in case it was exacerbating the underlying pulse problem. I also did not start the D supplement as it is in soybean oil which is a new allergen. I haven't had a case of hives in over a month (knock on wood) which may be partially due to introducing umbrellex DAO prior to meals; can't be sure that is the case.

I was previously taking Propranolol as needed during high pulse and stretches of "jumps" but haven't taken any since Saturday. I was probably taking 1-2 per week prior to that.

The above may be way too much information or not enough... I am just desperate for help.
Thank you
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Go back and request a repeat holter with cards due to a change in symptoms.

It is encouraging that you're not fainting. If it gets really scary don't hesitate to go to the ED.

Your pain doesn't necessarily fit Ischemia to the letter, but its probably best to just be safe when you have pain or numbness involving the Jaw and left arm involved.

Also keep a journal of your symptoms to include time and activity performed.
Even seemingly mundane things like standing up or sitting down can help in terms of journal entries.
Thank you for the advice! I have been keeping a journal but will add more specifics. I will also ask for a repeat monitor...hopefully the cardioligist agrees. His office was not interested in taking any additional steps when last we spoke.
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