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pvc and omega

hello there! well... after many months of having heart skips and palpitations that was so bad that my whole life was affected.. i was crying because they did not want to stop.

after i started taking omega 3 + 6 supplements from plants.   i got rid of my pvcs or pacs. im not sure which one but they are completely gone. and i mean i don't feel them at all.

i thought that they would never stop .. because they were so bad sometimes i was so afraid i could not sleep for weeks.  i had them daily, and so for about 1 year.

all I did was to take omega 3 for about one month in the morning.. anyway, now i can bend down and lie on my left side and i do not get them anymore! they do not wake me up from sleep anymore. no more anxiety and terror. no more chest pains, no more racing heart.

have anyone had success with omega 3?
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I've been taking 2 x 1000 mg fish oil every night for about 5 yrs for the cholesterol benefits. I still have episodes with PVCs. Can you be more specific on what you are taking? The name brands and dosages?

It seems like alot of people on this site have remedies for PVCs, but I'm not sure if they really work or it's pure coincidence. Thanks.
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I have the opposite effect with omega 3 from krill oil. It makes them tons worse. I take a tsp. of  flax seed each day and blend them in a smoothie and that doesn't seem to bother me. What brand of plant based omega 3 do you use? After my bad experiences with krill oil, I'm kind of scared to take anything but whole flax seeds.
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