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short PR interval on my 19 year old Sons ECG

Please can someone help me with the ECG results of my otherwise fit and healthy 19 year old son. He was sent for this after recent recurring episodes of racing heart/pulse
His ECG reads as follows

RR        761 ms
QRS     88 ms
QT/QTc  358 / 391 ms
P/PQ     88 / 102 ms
P/QRS/T   69 /68 / 50

Sinus arrhythmia
Short PR interval

How serious is this? Will he have to take any medicines, have any procedures etc. Can he fly? Should he stop going to the Gymn?
I'm so worried and it is almost a week before we see our GP

Please help if you can

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Short PR interval can be associated with certain types of tachycardias, although not everyone with a short PR interval has problems. No evidence of "Delta Wave" refers to a type of slurring often seen on the ECGs of patients with WPW Pre-excitation syndrome, which in some patients causes tachyarrhythmias. A positive reading for Delta Wave is usually considered definitive for diagnosing WPW, however a patient can still have WPW without presence of Delta Wave as in some patients the Delta Wave is transient -- it may come and go with exercise, stress, at rest, etc., and in others the accessory pathway is "hidden" and sometimes only shows up on EP studies. Many patients who have WPW also remain asymptomatic throughout their lives, but since statistically there is a very slight risk for problems in patients with WPW and Short PR, it is good that your son will be having a follow-up with a cardiologist.

If you are so concerned about this that it is interfering with your life and peace of mind right now, every day before you see the cardio, the best thing to do is call and let the cardiologist's office know how uncomfortable you are and what your specific concerns are so they can reassure you about what the risks, if any, to your son might be in the short interim before he has his consult. Also remember that if this reading was something of immediate concern it is likely they would have let you know that right away.

Good luck!
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Oh it also had a note added "no evidence of Delta wave" ??
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hi , a short pr interval is usually is a sign of wpw (wolf parkinson white) in which causes svt or fast heart rate ask his md about this and if he has it he should be able to have a ablasion to correct it this , ive had some pts with this most of the time common in young females......DANNY R GRADY, NCEMT-P.
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