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overinvolved when they are young for futere independence!

I have mixed feelings about this topic.  I am the mother of young children---- one in kindergarten and one in preschool.  I've seen the helicoptor mom that is afraid for her child to do anything at all and hence they ahve children that are afraid to try new things and explore.  I always wonder what will happen when that child is older, will they go nuts with rebellion?  But I've seen far more of the parent that takes their child to the park and just sits on the sidelines with very little involvement at all.  That think their child should be mini adults at 4 and know everything that they should and shouldn't be doing and make no mistakes when doing it.  

I have a child with a developmental delay called sensory integration disorder.  He has some social skills issues, or at least he did.  We worked really hard on these starting at age 4 and he is doing fantastic now at 6.  I was that mom at the playground that followed my boy around and helped guide him through his interaction and activities.  He looks like any other kid (you don't look at him and know he has a delay)----  so I am sure some mom's wondered why I was so involved as they sat and watched.  But you know what---------  their children were craving the attention from me as an adult.  Kids up until a pretty old age enjoy the company and play time with adults.  Many parents don't want to do it.  So my personal goal was to spend that time with my kids to give them skills to be independent as they grew.  No longer do I have to hover during a playdate but I am still close by to intervene if necessary.  

So, I think finding a nice balance between being very active in your children's lives and not interfering is important.  I hope that my children grow up to be the unique individuals they are suppose to, and I will cheer them on along the way!!
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I really need spell check.  The title was Future.  How embarressing to spell incorrectly in the title!! LOL
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