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Pain around my anus

Okay, so I'm kinda embarrassed to be talking about this hence why I haven't seen a doctor yet but it's been going on for about a week now.
Anyways, last week my SO and I did anal for the first time as a couple. He had done it one or twice with previous partners and I had tried it once very briefly. During it there was very little pain (just at the beginning until I got more relaxed) so I didn't think too much of it.
But the morning after it really started to hurt, especially while going to the bathroom. I did a lot of web searching and ended up getting hemorrhoid suppositories the other day. However I took a better look at it to say and I'm no longer sure that that's what it is. There's little white bumps/patches around my rectum that are causing the pain. I did more web searching and I don't think it's warts or herpes cause it doesn't look anything like that. There flat for the most part. Anyways, there's no bleeding or itching just pain when going to the bathroom and sometimes sitting down. Any idea what they might be??? I have no clue how I'd ever bring this up to a doctor.
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My first guest would've been hemorroids like you said, but if it's white patches, then no. I just hope it's not an infection where pus is forming inside, I don't know but it could be serious especially if the pain doesn't go away and the patches worsen or get bumpy, you might want to go do a check up. You can go to an emergency clinic and wait if you really don't want to go to your regular doctor. You'll be less embaressed if you don't know the doctor, plus they see so many cases like these, similar and even worse that it really doesn't matter, the most important thing is your health first.
I just saw that your question was posted 2 years ago, well I hope your doing well now :)
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