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Liver Disease Question


I am 43 years old Male, And i recently stopped drinking wine after starting to have left lower abd pain, with some burning. I went to the hospital, and they told me they thought i was dehydrated. They gave me some fluid and did an abd CT and Liver enzymes, and standard abd pain workup, which all came back negative. Dr said that my liver did not feel enlarged and that if i had liver disease there would be other signs.  Im normally a 2 -3 wine drinker a night for the last 15 years or so. After i stopped drinking, i started to feel fatigue, and what i think is gastritis. I had a few loose stools which they think is IBS, and not liver related.

I went to my regular doctor, who said the left lower pain could be acid reflux, or gastritis and he put me on protonix. He did a physical exam, and said that he doesn't think i have any liver issues, and he said you would feel pain, and enlarged liver, and other things like jaundice, and elevated billirubin. He felt my stomach and liver area, and didnt think i had any liver issues.

Last night i went back to the hospital, after having some severe pain in the left side, they didnt want to do another CT since they said it was normal, they did an Abd x-Ray and said everything looked good, and my liver enzymes were normal again.

They said the WBC count came down, from the day before, which they thought could be inflamation of my stomach lining,   and that i could be something viral.  And that alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis are late stages. And they were not worried about my liver, since the all the liver function tests were good. And they would have seen something on the tests, and the liver would have been inflamed.

Since i stopped drinking, i have had periods of fatigue that come and go, and very tired, and just dont feel right. I have the burning pain on my left side, which they think is gastritis, or GERD, and have been following a bland diet since it happened. Its been 3 days and i don't have any other symptoms of liver issues, except for the fatigue, and maybe some itchy skin, and headaches.

Anway, I quit drinking for good, and i wonder if this is withdrawal, or something else. This morning, i have an headache and some fatigue.  

Either way, i quit drinking for good, and i think if it is anything else, then i am ahead of it.  Would there be any other signs if i had liver diease?

thank you.

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