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Diagnosed with Hep B extremely worried

Hi experts. I have been diagnosed with Hep B for the first time and I am 38 . I have following questions as I am worried.

1) How would I know if this infection is acute or chronic?

2) Does recovering mean that my immune system killed the virus or acquiring Hep B mean that the virus will be alive in my system for the rest of my life?

3) Can I take the Hep B vaccine once I recover for the infection or I cannot be vaccinated ever in future?

Your help would be appreciated and ease my worries.
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My LFT report has come normal FYI. Please anyone to help me with above questions. Also having normal LFT report a good sign?
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Go for HbsAg test after 2-3 months.. If HbsAg remain reactive even after 6 months then it is chronic.. In acute case it will disappear with active immune response. As far your LFT is concerned with time it will get normal, but keep the follow up..and for vaccine after recovery, check your anti Hbs titre that will decide vaccination is required or not.. Good luck!!!!
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