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Hello I have these rezults: Ag HBs- negative, Anti -HBs- 25.32 (10 pos), Anti-HBc- negative. Does is clearly say I am not ill and am immune?
Brief history:
3 months ago did blood test and doctors told me I have to do it in the morning before eating. Test came back showing bad rezults in kidneys, liver. Also they came as Ag HBs- negative, Anti-HBc- positive (by a very small amount). Then after 2 months the doctor asked me how late did I eat. Turned out I ate too late and they needed at least 12 hr fast. Redid tests and everything liver and kidney-wise was fine with Ag HBs- negative, Anti -HBs- negative and no testing on Anti-HBc. Told me to redo the tests in several months. So I went to private clinic and did the tests (rezults posted in the beginning). During those 3 monts I was taking some liver and meds. Then terminated them and after few weeks did that last test. Which one is best and most accurate? What do you think happened- first one showing hbc positive was wrong? why second one shows anti-hbs negative and third showed anti-hbs positive. They had difference in merely a month.
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can't edit, the site changed my post a bit in the first sentence:
Anti -HBs- 25.32 (more than 10 is positive, less than 10 is negative)
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It is very frustrating that you can have different results for the same test.
Because you tested HBsAg negative,  you don't have Hepatitis B.
Based on this:
1. If your Anti-Hbs is positive AND Anti-HBc negative, then you were vaccinated and have immunity against HBV infection;
2. If your Anti-Hbs is positive AND Anti-HBc positive, then you were infected by HBV in the past, but had recovered and now have immunity against future infection.

Fasting is not required for these HBV blood tests, so I don't know why your doctor insisted on 12hr fasting (it may be required for your other tests).

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Thanks, it is frustrating indeed. Yes the doctor said about fasting that it is needed for other tests but the other doctor in the private clinic told me it is better to fast. Kinda afraid since first test was hbc pos and no testing for anti-hbs, second one was anti-hbs neg and no testing on hbc. This could mean that both were hbc alone, which could be not good. I guess I will redo tests in couple of months.
Could it possibly be that liver meds helped my body recover from some past infection and gain anti-hbs?
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In my opinion, the liver "meds" did nothing. The main thing is HBsAg negative. If anti-hbs is negative, you can always get vaccinated (if your anti-HBc is negative).
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Thanks for feedback, really appreciate it.
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