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I got my first ever HBSAG Quantitative test results and my Vitamin D3 levels as well

HBSAG in Quantitative - 1318.00 IU/mL
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy - 133 ng/mL

So Vitamin D levels were definitely a little too high, so I need to cut back there and have been doing so
The HBSAG is not low enough in my mind, but still fairly low. It needs a huge drop somehow. I feel it's on the cusp of being below 1000 soon but needs that extra to move it down and who knows how long that will take.
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I just had my vitamin d levels measured again after pretty much stopping or taking a maintenance of 2,000 iu here and there. My new levels are now at 67 ng/mL

I'm not sure I like a huge drop in 3 months. This scares me a bit because I'm afraid it can drop even further, and it's hot summer time here and I have been outside a lot too in the sun and heat. Might be time to increase it a bit before the fall hits again and before I have spinal surgery
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Which vit D supplement do you take?
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I was either taking Nature's Bounty - 10,000 iu daily or Puritan's Pride - 5,000 iu daily x2
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I again had a fractur wrist. Operating on my hbsag status led me to spend 2 times the amount. I am only sad on the discrimination iin society than my disease.
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I know there's lots of ignorance out there
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My vitamin D levels were "toxically high"  when i sero converted but I felt great so I carried  with vitamin anyway as my focus was hbsag  reduction and I didn't want anything to tamper with it so to speak once I stopped treatment I stopped vitamin  D I was alright I'm still alive lol
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i just had a visit few weeks ago for a bone shoulder trauma while swimming and saw a very good rheumatologist for treatment.my level of vitd was 138ng/ml and she said it is just a little above normal, nothing to worry about, you can go to little lower daily dose during bone treatment.i was taking 11.000-12.000iu daily and now gone down to 6000iu daily....not sure if it is the best thing for my hbsag but i ll try to find a dose to keep my levels around 100ng/ml
i ll soon be checking for bone density too, 10.6 years of tdf is surely not good for bones
Did you get an MRI of your shoulder? Whats the range of movement for the shoulder like?
yes bone oedema can be seen only by mri, supraspinatus tendon was also damaged on ultrasound made few days after trauma but it totally recovered in 1-2 week rest and then it was perfect when i had mri.no problems for range of movement except those few days with tendon problems.i just a weak pain while i kept swimming right after the trauma, after stopping swimming i just felt something annoying in the oedema area in acromion and clavicle.in italian it is called acromion and clavicle cancellous oedema (not sure if translation is correct), in english they have a tendency to call bone marrow oedema every type of oedema
Have you tried using a resistance band? For help strengthening up the tendons and for bone density.
Its hard to comment on exact exercise prescription without looking at your posture.
Maybe rotator cuff based exercises internal and external rotation just bear in mind as a rule of thumb tendon strength generally improves more on eccentric contraction of movement . If you do use it keep it at no more than 2 sets and for now avoid any static holding on it until its probably.

Bear in mind its just my opinion without physically looking at how the muscles etc are moving
thank you but tendons are perfect, my problem is like a fracture but worse than simple fractures because it is all inside the bone matrix and it takes about 6 months to heal.the shoulder needs rest until the bone has healed, i m currently using a drug called nerixia which fixes calcium in the bones and fasten recovery
I would  wait until its healed but bear in mind one of the  common occupational hazards ( like  all physical activity has)  for swimming that i've seen in alot of my clients is shoulder issues.
Resistance band work will help bone density and keep tendons strong.
But I wouldn't do band work on the days you swim
thank you for your suggestion, i ll definitely use those bands as the bone heals, they are actually a must for swimmers and now i need to add that to my exercises
Cool. Also I was going to say you know said about HBSAG being at a low level on TDF and worried changing to TAF.  TAF might lower further due to the intracellular  activity have maybe do you think?
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I wanted to add some more info here. Saw the doctor today and they were concerned about my Vitamin D levels being so high. They said in their entire career, they have never seen it that high and asked me to stop taking the supplements. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
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i would lower dose to get levels to 90-100ng/ml and see how you feel
I would just back down in vit d3 for a month.  Good range is between 80-100.
I too stopped it for the same reason of high levels
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congratulations, if i may. It may not be the results you were hoping for, but 1318 IU/mL takes you quite close to curing this virus in the near future. My father went from 5000 to 3000 in 2 years. It all depends on your immune system now
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