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Question - gcmaf Treatment and

Hi folks  -  Steff , I've noticed on some of your posts you're were on gcmaf treatment, are you still on this treatment ? Is that helpful in anyway?

Also I would you happen to know if AFP/AFP L3 & DHCP triple panel for HCC monitoring is useful?  I've noticed some differences in my results between the normal AFP test and the triple panel AFP/AFP L3 & DHCP test which is a bit concerning. So far MRI/US and Fibroscan (5.1kpa) appear normal with a benign cyst - Hemangioma on the liver. On Tenofovir for 2 1/2 years with undetectable  Hep DNA and HBsag fluctuating in the 2000 range. Live enzyme ALT/AST are within the normal range 20/23. I would like to beef up my immune system and need some recommendation. Already on daily Vit D

Please advise
Thank you
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my fibroscan is normal so many years and all nodules disappered in 2014 i think (i should recheck ultrasounds but not important) so i stopped the injectable gcmaf many years ago.i only have a  benign cyst (nothing that can become HCC) so i still use the gcmaf cream from time to time, when i do the cyst gets smaller when i stop it grows back few millimeters
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for HCC prevention i just check liver by ultrasound every 6 months
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Thank you for the feedback Steff. Is it possible to contact you privately?  
you can write  a PM
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