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Hi guys! Im taking Viread and im losing weight and muscle mass. Is it normal?
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Yes, it is a known side effect. I had a similar issue, though mine was more related to bone density decreasing, then got switched to TAF and everything started to come back except for the bone density so I'm still weaker than I was when normal but better than I was when I was on TDF - Viread (and I unfortunately gained too much weight so working to take it off still). Most of this is contributed to a Vitamin D deficiency. It's been suggested to take 10,000 iu of Vitamin D3 Daily along with Vitamin K2 and other supplements. But of course, always check with your doctor first.
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Thank you for the reply sir! Im afraid maybe it might be cirrhosis. Im so stressed right now. Im losing weight. Lucky you you gained weight
By the way what is TAF?
If you are afraid of Cirrhosis then get yourself checked with some liver scans (Ultrasound and FIBROSCAN should be enough). That will confirm. Regarding TAF, it is called Vemlidy now and is a lower dosage of TDF/Viread that is more geared towards Chronic Hepatitis B patients. It's the newer formula for us which only uses a low dose because we don't need it to be as potent as TDF.
hi LUckyman316 , is the vemlidy ok ? any side effects,  just got diagnose with chronic hepb, doctor recommend me vemlidy, am scared and  new to this thing since hearing I am positive,  

never have been drinking alcohol
never have been smoking
my result :

hbv surface ag  positive
hbv core igm     negative
hbv iu/ml     169000000

fibrosis score 8.1kilopascals
stage 2 fibrosis

is it consider really bad ?

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cirrhosis has no effect on weight as long as liver tests are normal, probably low vitamin d.tdf makes high parathormone and messes up vitamind/calcium pathways so be sure to have your vit d levels max of nomral at 90-100ng/ml, vit d is also needed to avoid liver fibrosis which is created by vit D deficiensy itslef
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Are spider angiomas related to hbv and also broken facial capillaries?
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