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3 month post Incivek therapy - Not Detected

Hi All!
Just did 3 month post Incivek therapy VL test. Results came back Undetected. Now I have to wait 6 months for the next blood test. Back in 2006 my VL load post 6 month was back.  Hopefully this time around it’ll stay undetected 6 months from now.

Now I just have a question about the test itself. There are some posts around here saying that there are different tests and how “fine” the final results are.  Would someone with more understanding in these numbers tell me in layman's terms what this means and how it stacks up against tests performed by other labs?

Thank you!

Test Name Result Units Normal Range Status


Unit: log IU
Quantitative Real-Time PCR(log IU/mL)

The quantitative range of this assay is 1.6 - 7.8 log IU/mL
(43- 69,000,000 IU/mL).
The limit of detection (LOD) of this assay for all
genotypes is 18 IU/mL (1.2 log IU/mL).
The limit of detection (LOD) of this assay for genotype I
is 7.1 IU/mL (0.85 log IU/mL).
These LOD values do not apply to diluted specimens.
An interpretation of "Not Detected" does not rule out the
presence of PCR inhibitors in the patient specimen or
hepatitis C virus RNA concentrations below the level of
detection of the test. Care should be taken when
interpreting any single viral load determination.
This test should not be used for blood donor screening,
associated re-entry protocols, or for screening Human Cell,
Tissues and Cellular Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P).



Unit: IU/mL

HCV RNA QNT INTERP Not Detected   Reviewed


Reference range: Not Detected
Specimen submitted did not meet volume requirements.
A dilution was performed on this sample. The quantitative
range of this assay at this dilution is 1.9 - 8.1 log IU/mL
(88 - 140,000,000 IU/mL).

If undiluted results are needed to obtain the FDA approved
quantitative range (1.6 - 7.8 log IU/mL or 43 - 69,000,000
IU/mL) for this assay, the test should be reordered and a
full volume sample should be submitted.

The performance characteristics of this test were determined
by ARUP Laboratories.

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I'm not an expert on the test, but always glad to hear that a fellow slayer is UND!!  I, too, relapsed in 2003... sure makes a person cautiously optimistic!  Here's hoping that the new PI has done it's job!!  Wishing SVR for you!
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Thank you! :) Wishing SVR for you too!
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Hi V!  I guess I am a little concerned about the "note" part at the bottom of your lab report stating "Specimen submitted did not meet volume requirements".  I was wondering if you talked to your Dr?  I think I would want to retest to make sure.  I am sure everything is fine.  You might want to read this link.  Have a great day!


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“A dilution was performed on this sample” – I guess that’s just saying that they did not have enough of my blood.:)
The range was different as well because of the dilution. Now it’s 88 - 140,000,000 IU/mL.
Thanks for pointing this out.
I did not speak with the doctor. I am at work right now. But this morning my nurse spoke with my wife and told her that doctor says VL is Undetected. I later got an email from my office with the results.
I just emailed them a question about this line.
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If this was a 3 month post tx viral load test I think you are undetectable.  If it were going to come back, it would have come back high.

Odd about having to dilute the sample. YOu would think these phlebotomists could do a better job.

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I agree with frijole on this you are probably UND but I would just want to make sure.  I didn't mean to rain on your parade by any means.

" Odd about having to dilute the sample. YOu would think these phlebotomists could do a better job. "

This is just unacceptable in my book!  For any VL date.
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Folks, i think i am out of the woods.

Did another test in February. Don't remember numbers, but was UND

Did another one just last week:
Heptimax (R) HCV RNA <5
Heptimax (R) HCV RNA <0.70

Doctor told me he considers me cured.

Thank you all for your sociological!

I will you all well!
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I meant sociological support!
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Wonderful news. Congratulations! Enjoy your Hep C free life.
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Congrats! If UND at 3 months post then you are just about cured. Studies have shown this test to be a predictor of 6 month test. I know it was something like 95%+ range.

If you are like most people you will not feel comfortable until you see that 6 month test come back UND.  In the meantime you can celebrate this test because it is great news!

Best of luck
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This recent test was over a year post EOT. So he attained SVR  last February. Note that the original post was from Aug. 2012.  
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