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Am I too late?

I have just been diagnosed with Hep C and am wondering if I am too late for treatment. I contracted the disease in 2008 so have had it for almost 9 years. Only just diagnosed.

I have been getting upper right quadrant discomfort. Rib muscles sore and when my liver is pressed on it is tender to touch. Pain radiates to back on right side also. This is what led to diagnosis.

My worry is that my liver may be too damaged to cope with treatment after all this time. I don't know the state of my liver and at this moment don't know what type of hep I have. Will be finding out soon.

What are my chances that I am too late for tx?

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Just like to add that the liver discomfort is made worse with certain foods and sugar

This is leading me to believe my liver is no longer able to process certain things and is too damaged
You are not describing things that would lead one to believe you have late stage disease. Many people have had hep C for decades before diagnosis and they have been treated successfully. Please see your doctor and ask about treatment.
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I was infected with hep c for 37 years. I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in Jan 2008 after 30 years of infection.

I treated hep c with the new medicines that were approved in the last few years finishing my recent treatment in May 2015. I am now cured for over 2 years.

This last treatment was my 5th attempt to be cured as I had treated several times over the years with the old treatments of shots of interferon and ribavirin pills each treatment was 6 months but I had no response to those older treatment methods.

Anyway no you are not too late

See your doctor get treated and get cured.

Good luck!
Just to add I have no pain in my upper right abdomen even though I was diagnosed with cirrhosis about 9.5 years ago
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