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Any treatment or medication to become 'Non Reactive' on anti-HCV?

Hi Fellows, I did blood sampling for anti-HCV on Abbott Architecture and it was 'Borderline Positive' i .e (1.09) and the very next day when I did blood sampling on another architecture for the same test, it was 'Non-Reactive'.  

Is there anybody who can respond with confidence on how to make anti-HCV 'NON-REACTIVE'?

Seeking a sincere expert advice.
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Antibodies to hep c are made by your body in response to coming into contact with the hep c virus. You will test positive for antibodies to hep c for life.
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Have you tested for the hep c virus the HCV RNA by PCR test to determine if you are currently infected with the hep c virus?

Since you tested positive for hep c antibodies you should test for the virus and if positive you should get treated for hep c to be cured. You will still test positive for antibodies but you can be cured of the virus.
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We here are just patients who were infected with hep c and either dealing with treatment or the consequences of long term infection. This is a support group we are not experts. For an expert opinion ask an expert, ask your doctor.
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Here is an article from MedHelp.org on getting tested and diagnosed for the virus. Hope it helps you sort out what your next steps could be!

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To answer you original question,
"Any treatment or medication to become 'Non Reactive' on anti-HCV?"

No there is not.  

Having a positive antibody test in itself is not a medical condition that needs to be treated. Antibodies are a part of your immune system they are made by you body when it came into contact with the hep c virus when your immune system tried to fight off a hep c infection.

If you have the follow up test to find out if you are actually currently infected with hep c the HCV RNA test and that test is positive then you do have an illness that can be treated and cured.

But even if you have hep c, get treated and cured, you will still test positive for hep c antibodies for the rest of your life even though your HCV RNA test says undetected meaning you do not have hep c.
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