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Barber shops

Dear All,

Any chance to catch Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C from a barber shop, I can see many contradicting inputs on different site, I use my own blade but the rest of equipment are the common one
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If the equipment is not sterilized between customers and the equipment was use on a person with hep c and then next on a customer who does not have hep c. AND there was a hep c infected blood transfer into the blood stream of an uninfected person it is theoretically possible.

This is assuming they don’t sterilize their equipment. If they do, which they should be doing, then there would be no risk.

Just for perspective if a health care worker should experience an accidental needle stick involving a patient withbknown hep c their risk is only about 1.8% so a risk at a barber shop would be less than that.

The US CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends against the sharing of personal hygiene items like razors and fingernail clippers to avoid transmission within households.

I would assume the risk for hep b would be similar but you could ask in the hep b forum.

Bear in mind no one here is a medical professional we are a community of patients and cannot offer medical advice this is a support group for those infected with hep c and living with the illness or being treated.

For a question about your relative risk you should discuss this with a medical professional like your own doctor as opposed to random web sites and lay persons on the internet.
Thank you for your reply, but I asked many doctors, they all say the same as per the text books, but my question is that a theoretical risk or practical risk?
All risk is theoretical

What are the odds of getting into a car crash any given day? Well that depends on an infinite number of variables.  
How do you define those terms you used.

What for you is a practical risk and how is it different than a theoretical risk?
Again thank you for your reply, what I mean is there any reported case about infection from a barber shop?
None that I as apatient who has never been to a barber shop am aware of
I suppose you could search the CDC website for this kind of data but I doubt it exists. I would assume if a patient was infected inthis way they would be a mound the small percentage who have no idea how they’ve ame infected.
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