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Biological false positive for hcv?

Anti hcv total anti body Cmia negative anti hcv igm sis sco 3.4 job rna qualitative not detected
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I mean hcv rna qualitative not detected
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"Biological false positive for hcv?"
Most likely given the low s/co.

. The anti-bodies test is very sensitive and can often react to other conditions in the body (like chicken-pox etc)
or possibly you were exposed to the HCV virus at one time and your own immune system cleared it.

Either way you do not have HCV given the definitive negative RNA test.
As willb has said if you have a result on the HCV RNA test of not detected you are not infected with the hep c virus.

Congratulations you do not have hep c
My exposure was oral sex with prostitute 5.5 months ago
If suppose I was exposed to virus at that time can it clear within 5.5 months. And if I have cleared virus why doesn't it show in Cmia total anti body test- sco ratio 0.07
Only igm by eia is giving -sco ratio 3.4.
Hep c is blood borne it requires blood to blood contact. Hep c infected blood must enter your bloodstream.

You may or may not have been exposed. You report your antibody tests as not detected the number values could be background noise and not medically significant.

But in any event whatever occurred in your recent medical history your not detected result on the HCV RNA conclusively confirms you do not have hep c.

If you were infected but cleared hep c without medical help which happens about 25% of the time. A patient with this situation would test positive for hep c antibodies but not detected with the test for the actual virus the HCV RNA test.

If the antibody test was negative even if there was a weak SOC result the additional HCV RNA would normally not be performed. Having not detected on both the antibody test and the HCV RNA test would indicate you were never infected with hepatitis c.
We here are not in the medical field this is a support community for those who are or were infected with the hep c virus. There are no medical experts here just lay persons.

As willb said
“The anti-bodies test is very sensitive and can often react to other conditions in the body (like chicken-pox etc) ”

Why you had a SCO number is not really important except to perhaps a medical scientist. Being a lay person I don’t know the specifics of lab testing and differences between antibody testing methods but as long as I have a not detected on the HCV RNA test that is all that matters to me as a patient.
Thank you guys for the help .
One false positive test can have such adverse effect on mind.
One last question
Can igm antibodies be produce before virus is in undetectable small in number.
Sorry for confusion My report says
Anti hcv total antibody CMIA- 0.07 negative
Anti hcv igm antibody EIA- 3.42 positive.(to be confirmed with job rna)
Hcv rna - not detected.
The hep c antibody test screens for possible infection. The HCV RNA test confirms or disproves infection. The HCV RNA test can detect the virus sooner than the antibody test. It is more accurate but costs about 10 times what the antibody test does.

The normal process is screen for possible infection and then if antibodies are present, then next confirm or disprove infection with the HCV RNA test.

The HCV RNA test can detect the virus within a few days of infection while the antibody test can take as long as 12 weeks for enough antibodies to develop to detectable levels. In some cases this can even take 6 months to be detected for example in those infected with HIV or otherwise have a compromised immune system.

Antibodies are not the virus they are made by your body in response to an invading virus. Once a person is exposed to a virus they will develop antibodies. Even if they later are able to eradicate the virus they will likely always test positive for antibodies.

This is how vaccines work to fight infections. They cause your body to create antibodies to prevent possible future infection. Unfortunately, with hep c the antibodies our bodies make are not effective in warding off the hep c virus which is why at present there is no vaccine for hep c as there is for hep A and hep B.

For myself I was infected for 37 years. Currently, I test negative for hep c antibodies because with the new medical treatments I was finally cured. However, I will always test positive for hep c antibodies because I was at one time infected with the hep c virus.

Again, congrats on not being infected with hep c good luck.
Thank you so very much.
Noticed I made mistake what what I wrote above.

I meant to say:

currently I test negative on the HCV RNA by PCR because I am now cured  but I will always test positive for hep c antibodies.
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I got my Cmia antibody test done after 2 weeks of false positive . Its negative with 0.047 .
There is no reason to take additional hep c antibody tests. Your HCV RNA result proves you do not have hep c.

Unless you have an exposure in the future you do not need any additional testing for Hepatitis c.
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Do i need to do one more pcr rna to confirm false positive igm For hcv?
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Thank you for all your help.may god bless you. Also after 6 months of potential exposure I also did hiv test done.
Can I make love with my wife now without protection ?.
Yes absolutely!
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I did my LFT since I had yellow urine in morning since one week

ALT is 47 normal range 0-47
direct bilirubin is .21 normal 0-.2
A/G ratio is 1.9 normal 1.3 1.7
Other parameters are normal

Should I consider retesting for hep c.?

Normal range for ALT is 0-41
Your liver enzyme tests are normal, your bilirubin is normal, your HCV RNA test was not detected.

Yellow urine is normal in order to have a lighter yellow urine drink more water about 2 liters a day. Urine color is nor effected by liver enzymes. If you had very elevated bilirubin (which is not a liver enzyme) your urine would be very dark like Coca Cola.

No additional testing is needed unless you have a blood to blood contact with a person who has hepatitis C at some time in the future. All your tests say you are normal.
Ok I see you are revised the normal range for your ALT test to 0-41 and your result was 47.

That is slightly elevated if you have the range correct. Different labs use different ranges.

We here are not doctors and can only give you general information that we find by internet search. If you was an educated answer to a medical question you should ask a medical professional. You should ask your doctor about the significance of your ALT test result.

I do find this information by internet search but again ask your doctor. Having a only slightly elevated ALT result could be a lot of things or it may be nothing it could be normal for you. Being overweight and having a fatty liver, drinking alcohol, taking certain medicines all can cause slight elevations in ALT.

You did not list your AST test that is important to compare against your ALT test.

The only way to know is to speak with your doctor.

“What do my ALT test results mean?

Normal results

The normal value for ALT in blood is between 7 and 55 units per liter, but this value can vary depending on the hospital. This range can be affected by certain factors, including gender and age. It’s important to discuss your specific results with your doctor.

Abnormal results

Higher-than-normal levels of ALT can indicate liver damage.

Increased levels of ALT may be a result of:

hepatitis, which is an inflammatory condition of the liver
cirrhosis, which is severe scarring of the liver
death of liver tissue
a tumor or cancer in the liver
a lack of blood flow to the liver
hemochromatosis, which is a disorder that causes iron to build up in the body
mononucleosis, which is an infection usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus
pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas”

“Normally, the A/G (albumin to globulin) ratio is slightly higher than 1. If the ratio is too low or too high, additional testing must be done to determine the cause and diagnosis.”

Your bilirubin is only .01 elevated you should ask your doctor but that is probably meaningless as it is such a very small elevation
Should I consider retesting of hep c ?
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My last level is 28 normal range 0-37.

I was diagnosed with mild fatty liver three months back.

Should I consider retesting of hep c.
Thank u
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Kindly reply m worried
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