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Distilled Water

There are so much confusing information on drinking distilled water. I have done a lot of research because it's been recommended that when you have Hep C, it's the only sure way of getting "pure" water. However, there are many out there who claim that it leaches the body of essential minerals, and should not be used over long periods of time. I'm Genotype 2b and I drink about 100 onces of distilled water daily. Any thoughts?
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I've heard that as well but have also heard it's better for RA - which I also have. So I just do both. I buy Dasani 16 oz bottles and a 5 gal jug of Distilled that I keep in the fridge to refill the Dasani bottles. Then I have a purifyer on my tap for coffe and tea water - so I get all three types.

It will be interesting to see what others say.
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Yes it is a good question as I drink bottled water usually, but not always and I've never heard anything about distilled water so I'm waiting to hear.  Distilled water isn't that the water that's used in the old car batteries and the clothes irons that make steam?  
thank you
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Here's two schools of thought...........directly opposed:


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it's funny i was just talking with a friend of mine the other night about ph and how important it is to keep between 6.5 and 7.5...more alkaline.i had always thought it should be more acidic..then i dug up a post that copyman wrote about a year ago(http://www.medhelp.org/forums/hepatitis/messages/45418.html) and did some other research to somewhat get educated on this ph stuff....my friend said you have to regulate your body chemistry..and said that distilled water is a poor conductor...that it is very important to keep the electrolytes funtioning in your brain..he said thats why they came out with gator aid and that kind of stuff to replenish the minerals in your body so they can conduct electical currents...he says if the electrolytes aren't funtioning properly you get brain fog and fatigue...and distilled water wasn't that great for you...i don't know this could be way off  ...billy
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    When I first was diag. with hep c I was drinking a lot of teas made from Dandalion root, milk thistle etc. I was told to use Distilled water and after a while i was getting headaches. I finally figured out that my electrolytes were low. I started drinking some gatorade and then I was ok.
    So basically distilled water is good but I would try and drink some regular water or gaterade.

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I'm just glad you guys are drinking water! lol....it's surprising how many people hardly drink any water at all...this lady down the street was so mad because her doctor told her to drink more water because her urine was too dark and she was getting chronic infections, etc...she then told me she "hates" water...

what do you say to people like that? Under my breath I said, well....have dark urine then! lol...maturity is doing things we don't like to do now and than because it's good for us...that goes for me too! I just drink plenty of purified water...I eat really well so I figure I'm getting all my minerals from that...if youre eating badly though (as on tx) I'd drink water with minerals in it, though that's just me....
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