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Does liver Fibrosis grade 3-4 is reversible?

I would be happy to learn what people here know about that.
Would you consider Fibrosis grade 3-4 is as Cirrhosis ?
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So my first biopsy in 1993 was F1
My next in 1998 was F2
2003 F 3
Jan 2008 F4

I still had hep c bit fatty liver can also cause cirrhosis
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Actually I made a mistake. My liver biopsy on 2007 before I became SVR  was
stage 2-3
grade 2-3
Now I have Cirrhosis.  Unbeliveable.
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There used to be a lot of folks here before hep c was curable not a lot of us still here.

F4 is cirrhosis F3 is borderline cirrhosis.

The official medical opinion fir the most part is cirrhosis is irreversible damage.  Fibrosis means scarring cirrhosis is just a lot of scar tissue has formed. If you look at old scars on your body they are still there. Scar tissue is essentially dead tissue.

However, there have been a few folks who had early cirrhosis who said later Fibroscans after hep c cure did show improvement and their F3 - F4 did show improvement post treatment and there is some new thinking from the medical community they may be a chance the liver with time May be able to improve somewhat in function.

However, if you have other known causes of liver damage beyond hep c like fatty liver in order for your liver to have a chance to improve that issue needs to be addressed if possible.  Even if your hep c is cured fatty liver can also cause liver disease.

If you are overweight you can help your liver by trying to lose some excess weight. One doctor in the past told me if I should end up needing a liver transplant I want to be in the best otherwise general health to increase my chances of surviving the procedure. He said basically you are fighting for your life.
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