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Got into a fight with my dad has Hep C

My dad has Hep C but i think his non infectious is this possible? i got into a punch up with him and i think i punched his earing and i cut my self, i don't know what caused the cut on my knuckle. it was a small graze but it did bleed i don't think it was deep enough into my blood stream? and i looked at his earings the next day and i don't see any blood on them? am i at risk for Hep C ?
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In order to enter the blood stream you need an open wet bleeding wound. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream that is itvhas to get inside your body to cause infection.

Also hep c is infectious it is never non infectious. However hep c is not easily transmitted as I said it requires blood to blood contact.

Does your father know there are recently approved medicines that are now curing most with hep c? Treatment could be as sim
As simple as 1 pill a day for 12 weeks and he would be cured. One of the medicines is named Harvoni there are others also but you may have seen TV commercials for Harvoni
Just to add if he treated in the past and was cured with the old interferon treatments then he does not have hep c
so you can cure Hep C? but it will still be infectious ?
Yes hep c is curable. The old interferon treatments overall were about 30% effective but those people who successfully treated were cured. The new treatments are curing over 90% so if he treated before with interferon and failed like I did these new medicines can cure him.

If he is cured he has no virus to transmit so he cannot infect anyone with a virus he does not have.
He would still test positive for hep c antibodies for the rest of his life. But hep c antibodies are not the virus.

PAntibodies are made by your own body when it tried to fight hep c. Antibodies are you.

But as long as the test for the actual hep c virus the HCV RNA by PCR test has a result of not detected there is no virus and that person is not infected. They do not have hep c.
Then that means im all good then?
If he treated and cured in the past he does not have hep c. If he has never treated of failed previous treatment then he should look into getting treated.

As far as your risk if he still has hep c it would require hep c infected blood to enter your blood stream through an open wet weeping wound.  

Even in the case of a healthcare professional who experienced an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the risk of transmission is only about 1.8%.

If his blood did not enter your blood stream even if he is infected there is no risk.

I just passed the information about treatment along to you in case your dad was not previously cured and has a current hep c infection so he can look into getting treated and cured with the new medicines.
So when do i go for a blood test for conclusive results? its been 1 week now
Your risk is very, very, very, low did his blood enter your blood stream through an open wound? As I said before  even a healthcare worker that experience as an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C their risk is only 1.8% so your risk would be that much lower. This is of course assuming his blood, IF he is currently infected with hep c, entered your blood stream. If he is not infected or if his blood did not enter your blood stream there is zero risk.

Did he treat in the past and was cured?

If you want to test solely for your own price of mind you would need to wait a minimun of 12 weeks after this incident to allow antibodies to form. For those with a compromised immune system it can take up to 6 months for antibodies to develop. So to be 100% confident of results you may consider waiting up to 6 months to be entirely confident in your results.
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Looks like our member flyinlynn gave you a great answer, but here is some additional information on what hep C is and how it's diagnosed that could help you understand your dad's status and when you might want to get tested.


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